It doesnt matter if you are new to Raw or you are a professional. Everything you are going to need i stock in my shop.


I stock complete meals, these vary in size from 454g right up to 1.4kg so are perfect for any size of dog. You just defrost and serve. These have everything your pet needs for a raw diet. Meat, Bone, Offal and added fruit and vegetables.


Complete minces are extremely helpful if you have not got the time to prepare your own meals. They are a complete mince which consists of 80% Meat 10% Offal and 10% Bone.



I stock a large variety of minces too that come in many flavours and brands. These are great if you want to start preparing your own meals, I will help you every step of the way.


I have many large chunks in stock, Various Meats, Fish, Tripe and a selection of Offal Chunks too.


I stock lots of whole fish. Mackerel and Herring to name a few.


Different wings and necks are popular in store. Aswell as feet, thighs, sprats, ribs, this list could go on.


Come along and see what i stock. Ill help you any way i can.