Hello, WOW, what can i say... I just want to say thank you so much to each and every one of my customers for making my shop what it is today xxx


Let me introduce you to Blue & Ice, they are a very big part of our business and they are the reason we decided to open. Also they are the main testers of all our products we supply. OUR BOYS.

RAW FEED 4 US is a small family business. We have Clair who owns the store and is also a qualified canine nutritionist. Clair opened a smaller shop on Norfolk street 3 years ago and as the shop grew she took on an amazing knowledgable lady called Lisa. Clair & Lisa are now very good friends as well as work collegues. Chloe, Clairs daughter joined the team 2 years in and it was at that point we decided to move to a bigger premises. We moved to Commercial Brow. 


Clair knew she needed another member of the team so her mum Jill joined the store when they re-located. Jill loves working a RAW FEED 4 US. All the girls are so passionate about the diet and also take the natural approach to treating animals. eg. fleaing etc 


We want you to feel comfortable in our store and love nothing more than you visiting us and  bringing your furry loved ones along to meet us.


At Raw Feed 4 Us we do things differently. We do a full transition onto the raw diet and guide you every step of the way. We eliminate any protein allergies quickly and correctly unlike other raw feed suppliers. We want healthy happy dogs and that is our aim. 


We supply a wide range of excellent quality raw feed to suit everybodys budget and needs.


This is all DEFRA APPROVED and all the meat used is human grade meat. All my stock is packaged and sealed. This comes from approved suppliers.



Please bring your pets along so we can give them a cuddle and also get an accurate weight of them. We have veterinary scales in the shop. That way we can work out exactly how many grams they need for a Raw diet.