Mary Connor I’m so glad I found this place, I found the girls really friendly and each time I go I learn something new. I started our Oscar on raw three weeks ago, and by the second week, I could see differences in him. The first thing I noticed was his coat, it looks a whole lot healthier than it ever did, the second thing was his poos haha hardly any, as his body is taking in all the nutrients and so very little to get rid of. Our Oscar is from rescue and so came to me with many problems, one of them being he can’t eat off a plate or dish, and was very nervous around food, the girls informed me about a lickiemat, I’d never heard of them before, it took him a few days to get used to, but after that using the mat and feeding raw, he actually looks forward to his meals. The latest thing that I’ve noticed is that he is a lot calmer than he was, so all in all I would definitely recommend going seeing the girls and having a chat with them, if you are thinking of changing your animals over to raw. I can’t see me ever go back now, thanks to Raw Feed 4 Us.....thanks girls and keep up the good work.


Steph Robinson My cat was very poorly with Irritable Bowel & after treatment by the vet and trying many different specialised foods from pet shops, I didn't know what else to try. I googled it and found many recommendations for raw food, and knowing how much she liked a bit of raw chicken or mince I thought I would try it. Within days of feeding raw food only her symptoms disappeared and finding your shop has been an absolute godsend in terms of the wide varieties available, help and advice, late night opening and I can't thank you enough for making a special delivery when I was too ill to leave the house x

Robyn Adlard reviewed RAW FEED 4 US5 star

23 March ·

We’ve raw fed for sometime but one of our dachshunds has complexed health needs meaning he suffers with low appetite and we’re always having to swap and change companies to keep his weight up. A raw feeding friend spoke very highly of the lady who owns the shops and the business. Today, we visited for the first time with very informative and helpful staff. With so much variety and choice I was like a child in a sweet shop! I wanted to buy it all and would have if we had a second freezer, which we’re hoping to buy soon great variety and so much to choose from with both complete meals and a great DIY section. We do both on alternating weeks. It’s also great to come across natural and healthy treats which don’t cost a fortune and aren’t full of carbs and grain. My boys thought all there dreams had come true when I arrived home

We will always shop here for our raw food shop in future and will always recommend this shop to like minded pet owners and raw feeders! It’s also great to have this on our door step and support local businesses. Massive thumbs up from us. Looking forward to next months visits already

Jodie Sutton reviewed RAW FEED 4 US5 star

2 June ·

Such the perfect shop. Great people, very accommodating and always have lots of advice. Fantastic selection of products and most importantly one very happy puppy. The quality of the food is second to none. The local Vets I have spoken to know of this shop and always comment how good the food is. If you are thinking of changing to raw definitely try this place. You won’t be disappointed


Corrin Davies reviewed RAW FEED 4 US5 star

25 July ·

Honestly, I couldn't be more thankful for Claire and Lisa and their wonderful shop, I have a lovely 1 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier X Boxer, she's the perfect dog, always has been, except she's destroyed my finances with her constant rejection of food over the past year, I'd tried absolutely everything, from grocery brands, to naturals, to veterinary foods, all the way to slow cooked stew (don't ask hahah), I thought I'd tried everything, and was quite simply loosing my mind over it, worried about her nutrition due to our 2-3 hour daily hikes. I stumbled upon RF4U on Facebook and I can't actually express how much of a godsend it was! My Bonnie dog has not missed a single meal in around 3 months since she was weaned onto the raw diet and now is happier and healthier than ever, absolutely amazing service, amazing food, Claire and Lisa are so full of knowledge, no matter what, no matter what the enquiry, they will put their heads together and find the best solution for you, thank you so much! Got a lil bully headed friend for life over here!

Lynnette Jackson reviewed RAW FEED 4 US5 star

27 January ·

Thank u to lisa for your help today . I didn't have a clue where to start with raw feeding but you listened and advised me what would be best for my dogs . As all 3 of them have different requirements. I can't wait to get started . Thank you again for your patience .. xx

Delly Bee reviewed RAW FEED 4 US5 star

4 December 2017 ·

My frenchie suffered badly with allergies, not stop scratching, sore skin and hotspots. Numerous hospital appointments, countless types of medication. Been raw feeding for three months and he’s like a different dog ! Can not recommend enough, Clair is lovely and it’s so well priced. Barry loves his new diet xx

Le Anne reviewed RAW FEED 4 US5 star

2 October 2017 ·

First time visiting today. Really good selection and the meat looks great quality and not full of fat like other suppliers. We will definitely be returning


Christine Turner Introduced 7 month old Oakley, my Parson Russell Terrier, to raw food and have to say he has gone absolutely bonkers for it. His favourite at the moment is the Turkey & Heart, big chunks of both which he loves. He's coming on so well, I'm delighted with his progress and the raw food he's getting. X

Christine Jewitt My cocker spaniel was on a diet supposedly tailored to his needs and age delivered every month. However I was clearing up 4 poops a day! I tried him on your raw food with a four week introductory period to check for allergies to different meats. He has loved raw food every scrap disappears. Now two small poops a day. He is calmer, slimmer,his coat is gorgeous and his teeth are so clean. Our favourite is the just natural no mess no waste. I can tell straight away if he eats dentstix or any other processed food thank you again for all your sensible advice. I like the daily Facebook updates to remind me of opening hours. Great job!


Sue Nowell-Bridgehouse I have fed my 8yr old GSD (Mia Moo Bear) on raw food for the last 6yrs, & have always ordered online & then this little gem of a shop opened locally to me & it is fabulous. The girls are friendly, great promoters of the BARF diet & very helpful. The shop has increased in size & product range since it opened. You can't go wrong. Long may it continue to go from strength to strength. xx