VacciCheck is a titre test that measures the antibody levels in the blood. The test helps reduce vaccination failure, prevents over-vaccination consequences and helps owners and vets to make informed vaccination decisions.


What does VacciCheck test for?

VacciCheck measures antibody levels in canines for Parvovirus, Distemper, and Infectious Hepatitis to determine vaccination status, and prevent consequences associated with over/under vaccination.

A qualified vet comes to Raw Feed 4 Us with a vetinary nurse when the store is closed. The atmosphere is relaxed and its very calm. They take a very small amount of blood from your animal and within 3 - 5 days you will have your results. 

We hold Titre testing clinics every couple of months so if you would like to book your dog in please contact us. The cost is £40 per dog. In a 3 dog household the price is reduced. 


If you have a dog whos not very sociable this is fine to. We ask you to come at the end of the clinic to minimise stress to your dog and yourselves. 


Heres some of our beautiful customers who have been Vaccichecked instead of just given their boosters.