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We have so many brands in stock, here's a peek at a few of them...

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We are the leading authority on veterinary herbal supplements which we have been producing for over 70 years.

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The Herbal Dog Co provides an entirely animal-centric range of lotions and potions. Every single product which we have created is centred around natural ingredients and contains no harsh chemicals, and is hand made in England. 

Herbal Dog Co


Love Joys - Silver Range

Colloidal Silver can be used to clean cuts and scrapes, disinfect toys and bedding, and help with skin conditions. 


Mr Slobberchops

We use simple, natural products and methods. Harnessing nature’s epic power, we have chosen our favourite products & natural treats.

Working with minimal impact to the planet/on our environment  as possible, we choose clean, top quality products & use eco friendly packaging wherever possible

.Our emerging range of supplements have vet approval.

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Proflax Natural produce their superfood supplement range for dogs in beautiful Devon. The ingredients in our oil based products are human food-grade, 100% natural, fresh and of premium quality, produced in Britain by accredited and DEFRA approved farms.


Vets Best

No one cares for your best friend more than you. But if anyone comes close, it’s your vet. Founded over 35 years ago by a veterinarian, Vet’s Best is committed to using premium quality and plant-based ingredients scientifically formulated to ensure your pet’s overall well-being.

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