PLEASE DO NOT WORRY WE ARE STAYING OPEN. WE ARE ESSENTIAL BUT we can only stay open by following the guidelines. So we have to insist on only 4 people max in the shop at any one time.


We know this will slow things down but we will, as always be working as fast as we can to make sure all our furry customers are fed. To this end we must also respectfully request that only 1 family/group member enters the shop at any one time, so bring a list or have your other half on speed dial.


We will also continue with regular sanitising of freezer/door handles and of course be wearing our masks. Please maintain social distancing and follow the one way system. Please continue to wear a mask unless you're are eligible to do otherwise, please sanitise your hands on entering the shop and please do not enter if you or a member of your household are showing signs of Covid-19.


We have your backs and want to remain open for you during these difficult times but we can only do that if you have our backs and follow the rules. Stay safe during these interesting times.