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About Us

We started RAW FEED 4 US in January 2016. Since our first day we’ve brought the largest selection of Defra Approved raw food & natural products to our customers. We are always on the lookout for new brands. We have grown into a small family run business.


Clair is the owner. Jill, her mum keeps us all in line all the way from the Isle Of Lewis. Chloe & Cian, Clair's eldest children who are an amazing part of the team. Also we have Lisa. Lisa has been here from the very start and we have Claire who's an amazing dog trainer who is also on our team. Chloe, Lisa and Claire are our trained Nutritionists who are always available to have a chat about raw feeding and any concerns you may have. Cian and Toby are in charge of making sure our freezers are always topped up full for you all. Last but not least we have Clair's Niece Maddie. She has just left school but she's fitting in amazingly. We have THE BEST team!! We are animal crazy and want what's best for them.


This is our passion. We do our best to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic raw meals and extras. We create a healthy balanced raw diet to suit your dogs needs. We do a full guided transition onto the diet. Come and visit us in store. We look forward to meeting you and your dogs. 


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Our Team
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