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Do you have an online price list?

We dont im afraid. We are a store and we dont sell raw food online. All of our price lists are on the freezers.

HELP!! I want to change my dog to a raw diet. 

You do not need an appointment for a consultation. Just visit us in store. One of our trained staff members will weigh your dog and work out how much you need to feed per day. This will depend on the age and weight of your dog. Also how much exercise your dog gets. We do a full and guided transition onto the diet and we give you lots of information to take home and read.



All of the manufacturers we stock are DEFRA APPROVED.  This means that they must, by law, send samples off to be tested for Salmonella & Enterobacteriaceae. They can only use slaughterhouse material that was PASSED fit for humans to eat but is unwanted for commercial reasons. 

Defra approved manufacturers have full traceability right back to the farm the animal came from. They are regularly inspected by Defra. They have a full HACCP procedure in place. A HACCP plan includes regular cleaning schedules etc all of which must be adhered to.

As the raw industry is getting busier please be aware of NON DEFRA APPROVED raw dog food being sold on Facebook, Instagram, Gumtree etc This is definitely the kind of raw dog food you want to avoid for your dogs. NONE DERFA APPROVED raw has NOT undergone any testing at all. You have no idea what is in it and also no idea how it is balanced. This could make your dog extremely poorly. PLEASE BE AWARE OF PEOPLE/PLACES SELLING THIS KIND OF RAW DOG FOOD. Always ask for their DEFRA number and check on the government website. 



Ok, lets talk "complete & balanced" This basically means that what is in that tub is what your dog needs a day. PLEASE do not confuse the word "complete" thinking you can feed your dog every day with a chicken complete. This is totally wrong. The key word you a looking for in this diet is VARIETY.  VARIETY is definitely the key to a healthy balanced diet. This is all explained in our transition packs. We give lots of tips to help you. We are always here to help with any questions you may have.




No, that is the beauty of this diet. Switching brands is not likely to cause your pet to have diarrhoea or sickness as it sometimes can with commercial pet foods. We have lots of customer who mix and match all of our brands so their dogs/cats are not having the same food day in day out. Some brands are really chunky, some are finely minced, some use unusual proteins like kangaroo, goat or deer to name a few.




Here at RAW FEED 4 US we do our very best to eliminate any allergies that are present. We have transitioned a large amount of dogs onto a balanced raw diet who have suffered with frequent allergy episodes and yeast infections. We have successfully cleared these up with diet adjustments and natural products.

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