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Zoe Davis

Hi I am ralph and my mummy and daddy have tried all different food for me but I am not keen so when the nice lady at raw feed 4 us gave them some advice and what I might like they were very happy but not as happy as me I love my meals now and the yummy natural treats!absolutely fantastic choice advice and most importantly the friendliest staff you will ever meet what's not to love ?

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Hi everyone, I'm Tommy! My mum and dad decided to try me with a raw food diet as I have a sensitive stomach. I'm so glad they did! The lovely ladies gave us lots of advice and I started my raw food diet straight away  I love all the yummy meats and treats, and i get so excited when we visit the shop as everyone makes a fuss of me  And the best thing is that my sensitive stomach is so much better now! I wouldn't go anywhere else for my food - I love Raw Feed 4 us

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Hi, I’m Bear I have been on raw food since from being a tiny puppy and I absolutely love it I have super white teeth and and nice soft shiny coat which shows you that what Raw Feed 4 Us sell good quality fresh vacuum sealed food that are frozen to stay

Fresh so we can get the best out of the food we eat. I love Raw Feed 4 Us not only because of the food but the staff are super friendly with me and my family they give me a little treat when i visit

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We could talk about our incredible products or service all day, but our customers tell it better! Check out some of the feedback our customers have shared to get a firsthand account of shopping with RAW FEED 4 US.

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I had been feeding my Italian greyhound rizzo food from butternut box and when I heard about how good raw food was for her I knew I wanted her to have the best! I visited clair’s shop to have a look around and the girls were so knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable straight away about making the change. Not only is she now fed the best raw food for her meals but also natural, healthy snacks too. I was worried about not knowing how to start etc but the girls told me everything I needed to know. I’ll never go anywhere else

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Our Jethro, who will be 4yrs old this month has been going to Raw Feed 4 Us since a puppy. He is allergic to just about everything and he has problems with both his eyes. Everyone at Raw Feed are amazing, so very kind, helpful and knowledgeable. And always go the extra mile as well for Jethro. Jethro absolutely loves going into the store and starts barking in excitement about 5 mins before our car stops at the shop. That in itself says so very much.

Our heartfelt thanks to you all.

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