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Benefits of a Raw Diet

What is a species-appropriate diet? This term species- appropriate is used to identify a diet comprised of what we believe to be foods most biologically appropriate for any one animal.

To put it simply, a species-appropriate diet is the best thing you can feed your dogs and cats. It’s what they were made to eat, it is what they have been eating for thousands of years. Thousands of years before kibble was introduced. Kibble was introduced for ease and convenience in 1956.


Here are some of the many benefits you can see from feeding a balanced raw diet.

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             Superior joint and bone health


There is no better way to support bones than with bones! Crushed real bone is a natural source of  calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and marrow. All of these components result in healthy growth in puppies as well as maintaining great joint and bone health for your dog through their life.


             Strengthened immune system


The immune system is the first defence for fighting off infection, which is why it’s so important to keep it in tip-top shape. Providing complete and balanced nutrition is essential to help our dogs’ immune systems thrive and the nutrition in all-natural ingredients have the added benefit of being highly digestible for your dog.

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Improved skin and softer, shinier coat                                               

Raw diets contain many ingredients that support skin and coat health, one of the most notable and researched being omega-3 fatty acids. Healthy omega fats play a large role in supporting healthy skin and a soft coat as well as providing anti-inflammatory benefits, perfect for dogs with allergies or inflammatory skin diseases. In fact, we believe it’s the PERFECT diet.




Superior dental health                                             

Poor dental hygiene can, in some instances, be attributed to a poor diet, especially those that are heavily processed or high in carbohydrates. Raw, meaty bones are well-known as being nature’s tooth brush for our pups, helping to get into those tricky places between their teeth and assist with the removal of plaque. 


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Reduced stool volume and odour                                              

An effect of having a diet made up of highly digestible ingredients for your pet is that more of what goes in, is absorbed and utilised so less comes out the other end. The digestive system of our pups is designed to extract as many good nutrients from their diet as possible. Carbohydrates and filler ingredients such as soy, potato, corn and rice take longer to digest and are not fully absorbed by your dog. These ingredients act as fillers and can bulk out your pups stool and lead to a larger amount of stool volume with a heavy odour. As most raw diets contain no fillers and are low in carbohydrates, it’s often a result that their stools are smaller as there is less waste passing through.

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